7 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector Huntley IL

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Chances are, your home is the largest purchase you will ever make. Because of the size of the investment, it is best practice to have a certified home inspector come and go through your potential home with a fine-toothed comb and give you the low down on any hidden quirks or repairs that need to be made. Here are the home inspection guide questions that you need to ask during a home inspection.

When meeting with your home inspector once they are finished, these seven questions will help you understand the vast amounts of information they will give you and guide you through the re-negotiation or purchase process.

May I see your license?

This may seem like an unusual question to ask, but trusting such a large decision to anything less than a home inspection performed by someone who is licensed is foolish. Before hiring an inspector, ask to see their licensure.

Which parts of my home does the inspection cover?

Before you schedule a home inspection, review the areas of the home your inspector will be covering. Less than half the states in the US have specific guidelines about what is covered during a home inspection, therefore which areas to be inspected should be agreed upon before hiring an inspector. Keep in mind, the average home inspection should take between three and four hours, longer for an older, larger home. Anyone spending less time than this may not be as thorough as you would have hoped.

What is the process to fix that?

While inspectors are not licensed contractors, they can give you an idea of what the process is to fix most problems. Such explanations will give you the chance to decide whether to tackle the repair yourself, renegotiate the purchase terms, or build the repairs into after-purchase costs.

If you were buying this house, which repairs would you tackle first?

Your home inspector’s expert eye will be able to prioritize any repairs that are necessary before purchasing the home over those that can wait until a later time. Not only does this give your home inspector an opportunity to help you understand what does and does not need to be repaired, it gives you a chance to budget appropriately for repairs or maintaining home warranty coverage.

Will you show me?

A home inspection best practice is to include digital photos with the final report, offering a frame of reference for the information. However, having your inspector take a few minutes to walk through the home and point out the most needful repairs and pressing problems will give you an opportunity to put the report into perspective when you read it.

How does it work?

Most home inspectors are happy to show you how to light your pilot light, adjust the temperature of your water heater, reset the breaker, change the filters in your heater or air conditioner, and shut off the main electrical breaker and water supply. All of this information will come in handy once you are left to your own devices with your new home.

Is there room for expansion?

If you intend to do any remodeling, your home inspector will be able to tell you which walls are load bearing, whether you have room in your breaker for an addition, or if the plumbing will need to be repaired or replaced. This information can help you stay on time and on budget during renovations.

Whether you are buying your first home or your fourteenth, a home inspection is a sound investment into the future of your home.


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