Home Inspectors Huntley IL And Their Maintenance Free

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Many people have chosen to have vinyl siding installed on their homes because it is ‘maintenance free’ according to Home Inspectors Huntley IL.  Nice try!  Vinyl siding is many things – Inexpensive – compared to some other exterior products Damage resistant Water resistant Durable Yes, vinyl siding is all that, but it is not ‘maintenance free’.  There is some maintenance involved.  Trees and bushes around your home produce sugars that float through the air and Continue Reading ...

Home Inspectors Huntley IL Information

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If you plan to protect your home investment, there are some important things you must know from your Home Inspectors Huntley IL. Don't ignore the fact that a home inspection is an important factor that can help you ensure and protect your investment, whether it's a new house or not. Here are some very important concerns you may try to consider: What exactly is the home inspection process? Generally, it is the visual examination of a house's physical structure and utility systems, Continue Reading ...

Learn Safety First From Your Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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Your garage door is most likely the largest moving object in your home.  Therefore it has the potential to be one of the most dangerous objects in your home.  But, it doesn’t have to be. Does the garage door opener actually open the garage door? I guess that is a trick question, because if the door is not installed properly, it will, but it is not supposed to.  Most of the actual lifting of the door should be accomplished by a properly adjusted counterbalance spring system. There are Continue Reading ...

Help From Home Inspector Huntley IL Before A Signed Contract

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Last year I posted an entry titled ‘'A Home Inspection before a Signed Contract'?’ In it I explained my position on hiring a home inspector before final bank approval. I am not an expert in the negotiation of a short sale or foreclosure, but it was my opinion that the buyer is taking a risk. You have the option to order a home inspection as soon as your offer is accepted, but until there is a signed contract, there is still a chance the deal will fall through. Whatever the reason may be, Continue Reading ...

How To Become A Home Inspector Huntley IL

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Data, there is an expected development of 18 percent in the variety of home inspectors between 2006 up until 2016. This can be considerably greater than other jobs, but the number of home inspectors can lower in the future since some states are considering in enhancing the certification demands amongst inspectors. A study in 2001 revealed that 77 % of property owner would make the most of home inspection services prior to their purchase or Continue Reading ...

Check-up Your Place With Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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It is a very common practice here in the Midwest to take the snow blower in to the shop before the snow flies to get it checked out and do some maintenance on it. The same holds true for the lawn mower in the spring, your car every so many miles, and even your bicycle. So why don’t we put the same value in a check up for one of the largest purchases most of us will make in our lifetime? Our home. As a home ages, things tend to change. How much it changes depends on many variables such as Continue Reading ...

Wishing You A Safe Holiday Season From Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Holiday Season is such a busy time. It seems there is somewhere to be all the time. There is shopping to do, baking to get done and parties to attend. Just make sure the rush and excitement of the holiday season doesn’t make you careless in protecting your home and your family. During the holiday season busy people can get caught up in what they are doing and become vulnerable to crime or personal injury. Don’t let it happen to you. The Continue Reading ...

Have A Safe Thanksgiving From Your Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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This is such a great time of year. The leaves are mostly off the trees, the weather is cool, and there is sure to be the aroma of roasting turkey in the air all day tomorrow. For me, Thanksgiving is ‘The Beginning.’ It is the official start to the Holiday Season. I’m sure I am not alone, but over the years we have tried many different ways to prepare our turkey. We have roasted it in the oven, grilled it in the gas grill, and yes, we tried the ‘Deep Fry Thing’ a few years ago. As much Continue Reading ...

Keep Your Place Safe With Home Inspectors Huntley IL Help

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My thought was maybe if we did'n’t talk about it, it would'n’t happen. I was actually beginning to think it was going to work this time. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It is happening anyway! It is getting colder outside and there is even some talk of that four letter word that starts with an s and rhymes with Oh No! This time of year there are some things you may want to do to minimize the damage of old man winter and to help keep your home safe and comfortable. Schedule an appointment Continue Reading ...

Storm Preparation With Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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Last Monday (7-11-11) in the Chicagoland area we had some pretty nasty storms roll through. They did'n’t last very long, but they were intense. The storm that passed through the area is called a Derecho (der-AY-cho). These storms are in a bowing line and pack powerful winds. Like I said, the storms did'n’t last very long, but they left a path of destruction that resembled a war zone. In the wake were downed trees, damaged homes, flattened crops, and over 800,000 customers without electric. Continue Reading ...