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That question makes me laugh a little just thinking about it…….. My brothers and I have an old joke with our mom about an incident that happened at her former home.  I won’t embarrass her by telling the joke, but she had an issue with birds in the soffits.  (If you want to hear the joke you will have to call me!)

Birds will build a nest just about anywhere they feel protected from the elements.  That could be an opening in the soffits, in a gutter that extends under an overhang or even balancing on the downspout that is under the eaves.  I have noticed, first hand, that one of their favorite places to build a nest seems to be in kitchen & bathroom exhaust vents.

You’re probably thinking – ‘What’s the big deal?  They’re just birds.’  I guess in the case of the balancing act on the downspout, other than the noise and the mess, the impact on the house is pretty low.  But, if the birds are actually in the house or if they are effecting the operation of a system, that is another story.

bath-ventsA few years back I was going to be out of town for a week.  I left on a Saturday.  Sunday morning I received a call from my very upset wife.  It seems we had some birds nesting in the vent fan in our master bathroom.  We knew they were there, but didn’t think it would hurt to let them stay until the babies left and then remove the nest.  Bad choice!

Besides the obvious issues such as the fan not working right, birds carry with them small insects commonly referred to as bird mites.  These little critters look like little black dots, about the size of a sharp pencil lead. When you first see them they look like specks of dirt…….then they start moving!

No wonder she was so upset.  I’m not talking about a couple of mites, or even a couple hundred.  We are talking thousands of them falling out of the fan onto our toilet and the floor surrounding it.  Not pretty.  Luckily she had the presence of mind to call our friend Rick at All That’s Wildlife and he took care of our issue.  He also installed some cages over the vents on the exterior to avoid having a repeat performance.  Thanks again Rick!

The point is, even though they seem harmless; protect your home from nesting birds.  If you do not want to disrupt a family of birds that have nested in your home, take the precautions to prevent it from happening in the first place.  If you are unsure or unable to perform these tasks yourself or if the birds have already established a residence, don’t hesitate to call a professional.



How to Build A Bird Aviary

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