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Home inspection is what buyers put on top of their list during the sale of a house. This is because a home inspection will turn the place inside out as the inspector examines the state and shape of the property. Home inspectors are trained to evaluate the house from a professional standpoint. They are objective in determining defects and areas that need consistent maintenance and work.

Understanding the Home Inspection Process

There are many reputable home inspectors in Huntley, and home buyers will mostly hire based on experience and expertise. It’s also important for a prospective inspector to have current certifications in NACHI and ASHI. A good home inspector will see more than meets the eye, and this is a skill that one develops through experience.

During the home inspection tour, the inspector will check everything from the roof to the basement and even the yard and garage. Major and minor defects will be pinpointed. You may also join the inspection tour if you can spare the time. The inspector will also identify maintenance and repair needs.

Home Inspection Report

After the inspection, you will receive a home inspection report, which will detail every relevant observation of every aspect of the house. The purpose of this is to both help the buyer understand what the house needs and also finalize on the value of the property.

The report will also suggest additional inspection services that are applicable. Some of the most common are asbestos inspection, radon tests, termite inspection, and mold testing. Most inspection companies will offer these services as an add-on or have inspectors to refer you to.

With the report in your hands, you can then proceed to distinguish the important from those that aren’t as much. For example, which of the uncovered issues will put you at risk once you move in? Which problem areas need urgent repairs? Will this affect your moving-in date? Do you think you can work with trivial issues such as fewer windows than you preferred? The answers to these questions will get you closer to the right home for you and your needs.

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