Cleaning Moisture In The Attic With Home Inspectors Huntley IL Help

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Three posts in a row about the attic. That seems a little odd since most people have probably never even seen their attic. Maybe that is why it is important that we touch on some of the most common causes of attic moisture.

Moisture in the attic can cause issues in your home that you don’t want to deal with if you don’t have to. The most common of these issues is mold, but there is also a possibility of stains, damage and leaks to the ceilings of rooms below the attic. Damage from both of these concerns can escalate quickly if not corrected and the cost to repair them keeps rising.

So how does moisture get in the attic to begin with? There are many ways, but the most common are:

  • Not a pretty picture…….
  • Improper ventilation
  • Dryer vent terminating in attic
  • Over range exhaust fan terminating in attic
  • Bathroom exhaust fan terminating in attic
  • Improperly sealed penetrations from living space to attic
  • Can lights
  • Bathroom exhaust fans
  • Vent stack and furnace flue
  • Attic entrance or pull down stairs
  • Un-insulated HVAC ducts

Dryer vents, bathroom exhaust fans and over range exhaust fans should never terminate in the attic. These all carry warm, moist air that if vented into the attic can promote mold growth and cause other problems. These exhaust vents should all be directed outdoors.

Insulating HVAC ducts in the attic serves a dual purpose. It prevents condensation from forming on the duct and reduces the workload of your furnace and A/C, therefore saving energy and money.

The conditioned air from your home can escape into the attic through any penetrations listed above. These penetrations, if not properly sealed, will allow moisture into the attic, and again will cause your furnace or A/C to work harder.

Last, but probably most important, is proper attic ventilation. Most homes were designed with attic ventilation in mind. A proper ventilation system will have an entry point for air to enter the attic, and an exit point for it to leave. This allows outside air to freely move in and out of your attic and prevent moisture inside and also reduces the chances of ice damming in the winter.


Moisture In The Attic

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