Do I Have To Attend Home Inspector Huntley IL Events?

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Whenever possible I recommend buyers attend the inspection of the home they are buying with Home Inspector Huntley IL.  It can be a hassle taking time off work or maybe having to ask somebody to pick up the kids from school, but I think it is worth the trouble.

I’m sure someone out there is asking:

Why do I have to be there?  The inspector is going to find the same thing whether I’m there or not, right?

Thanks for asking!

There are two main reasons I suggest buyers spend a couple hours with me as I inspect their future home.  The first reason is to give them a firsthand look at the issues I find.  I am able to show them what is wrong and explain why it is wrong.  I can also give them some idea of what it will take to fix the item and what the consequences of not fixing it may be.

gray-house-with-a-drive-way-during-autumn-seasonI also like to take my time and answer any questions my clients have.  In many cases the clients have been in the home several times before and have a list of questions before the inspection even starts.  I encourage asking questions no matter how routine they may seem.  This is the time to ask.  That is why I am there. That is what I love to do!

The second reason I like buyers to be there is so I can point out the things that aren’t wrong with the house. I enjoy giving good news a lot more than bad news.  Most buyers hire a home inspector to look for everything that is wrong with a house.  But I feel a home inspection shouldn’t only focus on the negatives, but the many positives within a home.  I also like to point out maintenance items like how often to change the furnace filter, when to service the furnace & A/C unit and give general tips on how to keep your home in great shape year after year.

Other things I like to point out to the buyers are important items such as where is the main gas shut-off, the main electric breaker or the main water shut-off.  These things are not rocket science, but the time to locate the water shut-off isn’t when your living room looks like a rain forest from the bathroom that is leaking upstairs.  Just sayin’!

I hope you enjoyed today’s topic.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.


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