Do’s and Don’ts For Heated Garages According To Home Inspector Huntley IL

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Many of us tend to use our garage for more than just parking our cars.  For many it is a storage place for equipment, chemicals, gasoline, toys, tools, and even some meaningless junk.  We also use it as a place to work if we need a lot of space or if we are working on the car.  I know that I use my garage often.  The only problem with the space is the air is not conditioned.  It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter!

There are many options for resolving the issue.  There are portable air conditioners, ceiling fans, portable fans or even installing central air to cool the garage.  Similar options are available for you to consider when it’s cold, such as portable heaters, space heaters and installing a furnace.  These are all great ways to accomplish the goal.  My advice would be to research them all, choose the option that best suits your needs, and make sure which ever choice you make, it is installed and used properly and safely.

Some homeowners choose to add a heat register from their existing home heating system.  This is not a recommended way to heat and cool your garage.  As a matter of fact it is not allowed in any of the uniform code books and is very dangerous.  But it sounds like an easy, viable option, right?

Think about what happens when you add a heat vent in the garage.  There is now a direct link between the garage and the house.  There is now an open invitation for Carbon Monoxide to enter your home.  Think about what you store in your garage.  Why do you store it there?  Usually it’s because you don’t want it in your house.  By tapping into your heating system to heat the garage, it would be the same as storing that gasoline for the lawn mower in your living room.

I have seen this done on a number of homes I have inspected.  Sometimes the perspective buyers are excited that the garage is heated.  That is until I give them my perspective.  I can usually see the light go on within a few seconds.  I hope yours went on too!

If you have any questions about your home or its safety, please call me as soon as possible.  Safety is a huge concern when I inspect your home.



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