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One of the most noticeable aspects of a home’s exterior is probably its landscaping. Whether it is planted and cared for by the homeowner or a landscape professional, it can be the difference in the first impression of a house. There is however, more to landscaping than just pleasing the eye.

Choosing plants that perform well in your climate is an important part of the plan. Get started by making a detailed layout of the area. When you make your plan, take into account the size of the plant when it is mature. It may look great to plant a nice tree or shrub at the corner of the house, but as it gets older, it can damage the house if it is too close.

Tree branches hanging onto the roof of a house can cause excessive wear from branches rubbing on the shingles. The leaves of the tree trap moisture on the roof and cause algae & moss growth. The branches also provide a clear path for animals to get onto the roof with ease. Once on the roof there is no telling what they may do.

Other than looking good, plants around the house can also help reduce the amount of water around the foundation. Water is one of the biggest causes of foundation problems. Again, keeping in mind the size of the plants at maturity, try to leave at least six inches between the branches of the plant and the siding. This will help reduce damage to the siding and structure caused by insects, moisture, or the branches growing between the pieces of siding.

One last consideration is the soil or mulch level. It is recommended to leave 3-6 inches of foundation showing between the soil or mulch and the siding. This helps to reduce the possibility of insects entering the structure un-noticed and also prevents moisture from wicking into the wall causing damage.

As you can see, landscaping is not only pleasing to the eye; if properly planted and maintained it will be an added benefit to the structure of a home. During a Home Inspection the landscaping is evaluated and recommendations are made to the homeowner or potential home buyer.


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