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First of all, what is an asphalt driveway?  Asphalt is a combination of Asphalt Cement (the binder) and aggregate (sand, gravel and/or rock) mixed in prescribed proportions in a Hot Mix Asphalt Plant.  The mixture is loaded into trucks and hauled to your site.  It is then placed and compacted on a prepared base and/or sub grade.

home inspection huntley house with drivewayIf you have a brand new driveway it is recommended to keep cars off it for at least three days according to Home Inspector Huntley IL.  After that time, care should be taken to avoid indentations from motorcycle and bicycle stands or from parking in the same spot for extended periods until the asphalt has properly cured.A properly installed and maintained asphalt driveway not only looks great, but it has a life expectancy of thirty years or more.  But what does it take to properly maintain a driveway?  It’s probably easier than you think!

To keep the driveway looking good and lasting a long time it is necessary to make sure water is not penetrating through the asphalt.  If water is allowed to penetrate it will disturb the gravel base and cause the driveway to crack, sink or wash out.  Allowing moisture under the asphalt also puts you at risk of having the driveway lift up during sub-freezing temperatures, which may not be an issue for everyone, but it is in the suburbs of Chicago!

The best defense against water is seal coat.  Seal coat does exactly as its name implies; it seals.  It closes all the holes and small cracks in the driveway and stops that water from penetrating.  A new driveway should not be seal coated for the first 90 days, but within the first year.  After the initial application, it is recommended to re-seal the driveway when the previous application has worn off.  This would be roughly every two – four years.  It is not recommended to seal coat every year.

An excellent indicator that water is getting under the driveway is if there are weeds growing in cracks.  If you have this happening, remove the weeds and seal the cracks with crack filler.  Also fill in the gaps at the ends of the driveway. Do what it takes to keep that water out!

Follow these basic steps and your driveway should look good and last a long time!  If you have questions, feel free to call.


How to Plan and Install a new Asphalt Driveway

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