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Many people have chosen to have vinyl siding installed on their homes because it is ‘maintenance free’ according to Home Inspectors Huntley IL.  Nice try!  Vinyl siding is many things –

  • Inexpensive – compared to some other exterior products
  • Damage resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Durable

dirty-vinyl-sidingYes, vinyl siding is all that, but it is not ‘maintenance free’.  There is some maintenance involved.  Trees and bushes around your home produce sugars that float through the air and stick to everything, vinyl siding included. This layer of sugar is a great food source for mold and some algae. Dust & dirt also sticks to the vertical sides of vinyl siding, giving some mildews and algae another food source.  This is where the maintenance comes in.

The nice thing is cleaning the siding is a pretty easy process, similar to washing a car.  You can begin the process by mixing up some cleaning solution.  A mild dishwashing liquid does a great job.  Mix a generous amount of soap in a bucket with warm water.  You can then put some of the mixture in a garden sprayer.

Wet an area of the siding using a garden hose.  I do not recommend the use of a power washer.  The siding on the house is designed to repel rain that is falling from the sky, not being sprayed up under the siding and into the seams. That is asking for a water penetration problem!  So gently rinse the siding, letting the water run down the walls.

Using the garden sprayer, coat the siding with the soap solution.  Then, using a soft bristled brush dipped in the bucket of remaining soap solution, gently scrub in a side to side motion starting from the bottom and working up.  Do not let the soapy solution dry on the siding.  Clean an area, then rinse completely.  Do this until you have washed all the siding.  Easy, right?

To make things a bit easier you may want to purchase a soft bristled brush on a telescoping pole.  These are generally available at RV supply stores and come in different lengths.  You may still need a ladder, but will not have to go as high!

Thanks for reading!  If you have any questions about today’s topic, or maybe a more specific question about your home, feel free to call me.  I would be more than happy to talk ‘house’ with you!


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