How To Test For Radon

Home inspection is crucial in the real estate. You can have your home inspected before or during purchase. Also, in cases where you are selling your house, you will also require inspection services. At our home inspection’s company, we offer home inspection services and testing for radon is inclusive. The radon levels in your house should be suitably below 2 pCi/l or even lower. Radon is what causes radioactive gas. It is caused by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rocks and also water. Radon has been known and found to exist in the air since it is able to penetrate through cracks in your home, expansion joints and also holes in foundations. We have our radon mitigation contractors too to help us complete our home inspection process with regards to radon issue.

Why you should test for radon

An increased level of radon is carcinogenic. It can cause cancer. However, we are able to test the levels of radon in your home. Depending on the results, we will have experts that will give you advice on how to reduce and minimize the radon levels. We can help fix our home using the modernized technology in our company.

Where you can get a radon test

We have created a website available for everyone so as to save you the dilemma of looking for the right company with radon testing services. At home inspection, we are able to offer you all the services of testing radon you need. We have qualified radon testers in our company who will use the suitable radon devices for your condition.

Testing for radon

Our inspector will be able to help in performing the test. Any radon tester will require a license and we have ensured that our staff are licensed. The devices that we use to test radon include charcoal canister, alpha track, electret ion chamber, continuous monitors and charcoal liquid scintillation detectors. This equipment however only test radon for a short period of time. We strongly recommend that you take the short term test. This is because radon levels vary from season to season and day to day. Our staff will conduct the first radon test and later come again to conduct the second test so as to confirm the existence of radon.

Follow the following procedure to test for radon:

  • Close your windows and the outside doors should be locked as well during the test.
  • Let heating and air conditioning systems fans in your house to run. However, machines that bring air from the outside should not be running.
  • Let the fans that are part of radon reduction system run for a short while
  • Let the process of testing continue for 2 to 3 days keeping the windows and doors closed 12 hours before commencing on the procedure.

After finishing the test, the radon tester will seal the kit and take it to the laboratory for further analysis. You will then receive the results after a few days.

We at home inspection will help you test for radon when buying a house either to own or for investment purpose. Similarly, if you are selling the house we will also help you test for radon so as to speed the process of selling the house. Visit our website and book a date and we will contact you within 24 hours of your call.