Huntley New Home Inspection

Before a house is sold or during the process of selling a house, it is essential that you conduct a house inspection. This is because purchasing a house is one vital decision you can make and you will want to get it right. In such cases, home inspection before buying comes in handy and easy way now through a thorough home inspection process. In spite of whether you are purchasing or selling a house, home inspection is a component of real estate.

Buying a house

We are able to help you overcome the dilemmas involved with purchasing a house. Visit our website and get our new house inspection services. For someone buying a house to own for the first time or for investment purpose, we ensure that you have a peace of mind throughout the process. Our company staff will be able to find any arising problems or existing issues with the property you are about to purchase.

Selling a house

Similarly, we also are able to help you in selling your house. We are able to help you identify any issues that need to be attended to before the buyer comes with his or her home inspector. This process will help you speed the process of selling your house. Also, we are able to help you avoid future problems from the buyer of the house.

Services we offer:

For new home inspection, the services that we offer in our company include the following;

Full home inspection

If you want your whole house to be inspected, we will ensure that we conduct a thorough check on;

₋Visual structural
₋Electrical systems
₋Carbon monoxide testing
₋Site drainage
₋Moisture infiltration
₋Wood rot
₋Interior surfaces

This extensive new house inspection will contribute to your decision on whether or not to acquire the house.

Structural inspections

We also offer structural inspection service on your new purchased house or that which you are selling. Some of our structural inspections services include the following;

₋Evaluation on your slabs, exterior, interior
₋Exterior grading
₋Attic and roof structure

To note is that a professional engineer in our company will be responsible for this inspection. This service is also offered directly to you and you can go to our website to book a date.

Wood destroying organism inspection

Inspecting the state of the wood used to build your new house is also one of the services we offer. It is part of our maintenance inspection services our clients are happy about. We are able to identify the pest destroying the wood. Also, we will be able to assess whether your wood is rotting. Our company has licensed pest inspectors who are experts and can handle any situation that involves pest inspection.

Septic evaluation

These other services that we provide include removal of cap, inspecting baffle in your building and spray head. We also are able to control the aerobic and anaerobic septic system of your building.

Environmental inspection

The state of the environment in your home is crucial if not vital. Our company will be able to inspect the existence of mold, Sample mold in the air, test the condition of the water and also air sampling.

House inspection is crucial and our company is at your service in easing the process. Visit our online website and book a date with us and we will offer quick and thorough work.