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home inspection huntley il a window with snow outsideThe windows being installed when a house is built have really come a long way.  The modern double pane window is designed to eliminate the need for storm windows by giving the window some insulating value according to Home Inspectors Huntley IL.  How do they do this?

To start with, two pieces of glass are put into a frame, separated by an air-tight gasket material.  This results in an air gap which is usually filled with a dry, inert gas such as Argon.   The glass itself is not an insulator.  The insulating value comes from the dry, airtight gap.

As with most products on the market today, there are different levels of quality.  The most common complaint with these windows, especially those of lower quality, is the failure of the airtight seal.  When this happens, you will begin to notice a hazy, white substance between the panes.  At first it appears as if the window is always dirty.  You soon realize that no matter how much you clean the window it doesn’t help. The problem is between the two pieces of glass.  Some other signs of a failed seal are moisture between the panes, water spots on the inside, or rust on the seal between the glass panes.

The unfortunate part of this story is many of the windows that have failed seals will need to be replaced.  That can mean replacement of the part of the window or the whole thing, frame and all.  Some windows can be repaired, so it doesn’t hurt to call a window professional to see if your windows need to be repaired or replaced.



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