Radon In The Northwest Suburb of Chicago

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radon monthDid You Know That January Is National Radon Action Month?

That’s Right! And if you haven’t had your home tested for Radon, now is a good time to do. For the month of January, we’re offering $20 off the price of a Stand Alone Radon Test and $20 off the price of a Radon Test combined with the home inspection. Be sure to mention the code RADON17 when Scheduling.

A little information about Radon:

Exposure to Radon Causes Lung Cancer In Non-smokers and Smokers Alike

(Q) What Do I Do? 

(A) If you haven’t done so, Test Your Home – The EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend that all homes in the U.S. be tested for radon.  Testing is easy and inexpensive.

Radon causes approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year, even though we know how to find, fix and prevent it. Many radon-induced lung cancer deaths are preventable. Testing for and mitigating high radon levels uses tested, time-proven, straightforward techniques.

Radon in the Northwest Suburb of Chicago. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has been found in homes throughout the United States. This odorless, colorless home invader typically moves up through the ground and the air and into your home through cracks and other holes in the foundation.

About Your Home Inspection utilizes the latest technology in the detection of Radon. Our testing provides both sellers and buyers alike with the Peace of Mind of knowing what resides in the home and often provides results and detailed reports the same day when the test is picked up!

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Test Your Home | Protect Your Health!Radon testing

The Facts About Radon Gas – It’s Deadly

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