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Everything has an expected useful life. That leaves a little room for some discussion as to what is considered useful. For the sake of argument, we’ll say the expected useful life is over when an appliance no longer operates as it was designed to operate without using extraordinary means. You shouldn’t have to use a match, while manipulating the controls, standing on one foot to light your oven! A water heater that produces enough warm water to fill a one gallon bucket is probably past its useful life. There are so many more examples I could use, but I think you get the picture.

Ok, so how long do appliances last? The maker of some appliances will try to make you believe, with proper maintenance and care, their appliances will last forever. Most of you know, as I do, that this is not true. All the maintenance in the world isn’t going to make a water heater last forever. Proper maintenance can lengthen the useful life, but eventually it will have to be replaced. Here is a list I have compiled to give you an idea how long each appliance can last.

Appliance Years

Central Air Conditioner 12-15
Clothes Dryer 13
Clothes Washer 12
Dishwasher 10
Disposal 11
Furnace 15-25
Microwave 8-10
Range 15
Refrigerator 13
Smoke Alarms 10
Water Heater (gas) 10
Water Heater (electric) 12

With this information in hand you can make a plan to save the needed funds for replacement of your appliances. These are estimates of the average life expectancy. You may see longer or shorter life spans depending on certain variables. Some of these are:

The quality of the appliance purchased
The maintenance provided
Care provided
Frequency of use

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on this list. Are you one of the lucky ones whose dryer lasted 25+ years, or did you get burned?


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