Shadow Inspection Program


Welcome to AYHI’s Shadow Inspection Program!


About Your Home Inspection is excited to offer our Shadow Inspection Program to real estate offices.

Designed for New Agents – This is program is designed for New Agents that want to learn about home inspections before they experience it with their clients.

Also for Experienced Agents – Experienced agents might want to increase their knowledge.





This is what you will discover during this program:


  • What an inspection does and does not cover.
  • What can you, the agent, do to help us help you?


We hear all the time the same questions from the agents and how they might be uncomfortable asking the home inspector in front of their clients during the actual home inspection.  This program creates the space without the clients for the agents to bring all their questions.  They can feel comfortable getting all the information they need from the home inspector so the next time they show houses they have more knowledge for their clients.  They will also better prepare their clients for the home inspection.

We teach realtors how they can help educate their clients so they have the correct expectations coming from the home inspection.

AYHI walks the agents through a home site that we have already completed a home inspection.  They are free to ask questions to the home inspector and do it in an environment where their clients aren’t watching their every move over them.


Here’s what we have heard from an agent that participated in this program:


I participated in About Your Home Inspection Shadow Home Inspection program. It was excellent and  I would highly recommend it!  It definitely has made me feel so much more prepared and educated, as to what I should be looking for at my appointments.” Tamara Berman

“I love helping you and your team to be the most confident and knowledgeable. So you can help your clients make the best purchase for themselves and their families.”  David Novalinski


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