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Posted on: March 9, 2016 by in Home Improvement
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During the summer months most homeowners are wrapped up in yard work.  Keeping your yard looking good is a great source of gratification.  Depending on the design of your yard and the amount of landscaping you have, this can be very time consuming.  The only caution I would have is be sure you are not neglecting your home.  Homes require maintenance even when we are busy doing other things. You can do this with the help of Home Inspectors Huntley IL.

The summer months in the Midwest are usually filled with hot temperatures and high humidity.  There seems to be times when the AC unit doesn’t shut off for weeks at a time.  This is when you should be doing routine maintenance; when everything is operating correctly.  If you wait until it doesn’t work, then it isn’t maintenance anymore.

If you had your AC unit serviced in the spring you should be able to sit back and enjoy the cool air, right? On typical AC units there is some maintenance that you can do yourself.  The two most important things are:

  • Depending on the type of furnace filter you use, you should change it monthly or per the manufacturers recommendations
  • Keep the condenser coil (outside unit) clean

Performing these two items should keep that unit operating efficiently throughout the summer.

The summer is also a good time to look at the condition of your siding, paint, trim & caulk.  If you notice any areas that could use a little ‘help’, do it before it escalates into a serious problem.  Reattach any loose pieces, scrape and paint weathered areas, re-caulk around windows and doors, and clean any areas of algae or dirt from siding.  A little prevention goes a long way!

As you walk around admiring results of your hard work maintaining your landscaping, take note of any discrepancies you see.  How does your roof look?  Are there any missing shingles?  Does your driveway need to be seal coated?  Does your fence, deck or other wooden features need to be stained or sealed?  You get the idea.  Be proactive and your house will not only look good, it will be good!

Any questions or comments are welcome.  If your needs are more immediate, please call our office at 847 669 9040.  The summer is also a great time to schedule a Maintenance Inspection.  Thanks for visiting!



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