Understanding Nail Pops With Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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nail-pop-on-dry-wallBesides being the most common drywall related complaint from homeowners and Home Inspectors Huntley IL, a nail pop is an imperfection on the finished surface of drywall inside a building.  It can appear as a round, ‘dime-sized’ bump, or a ‘quarter sized’ indentation in the drywall.  They are very common in newer homes or in recently renovated homes and most times are no cause for concern.


There are two main causes for nail pops

  • Shrinkage of framing lumber after drywall finishing.
  • Improper installation of drywall.

Let’s address the first cause.  Lumber has a tendency to shrink as it dries out.  This can be amplified if the lumber has gotten wet just before use and was not allowed enough time to dry out.  As it shrinks it either pulls the fastener through the drywall or it releases the grip it had on the fastener, thus creating a nail pop.  Even under perfect building conditions, if there is such a thing, this type of shrinkage can occur.

Now let’s look at cause number two.  When drywall is initially installed, it is important that it is pressed firmly against the framing members to avoid leaving a gap.  If there is a gap, once the drywall is finished, any pressure put against the drywall will cause it to press against the stud and force the joint compound off the head of the fastener, again creating a nail pop.  With a little care, this cause for nail pops can be eliminated.

Whatever caused your nail pops, the fix is pretty easy.  Remove the fastener that caused the pop either with a claw hammer (if it’s a nail) or a screwdriver (if it’s a screw).  While pushing the drywall against the framing member, add a drywall screw about 1” away from the original fastener, making sure it enters the framing.  Patch with drywall compound and paint the area to match the rest of the wall or ceiling.



How to Repair Nail Pops For Dummies



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